A Vintage Year Part 2.
Those of you with memories that go back as far as last September will know that I wrote in The Leveller about the potential for the 2018 English harvest and I’m glad to say, it seems that potential has been realised. You are never quite sure how things will turn out until you taste the finished wine but, winemakers with much longer memories than me are saying that it’s the best harvest that they have known in this country. What makes it great is that we got quantity and quality, anybody that was here on harvest day will attest that the grapes tasted amazing with real intensity of flavour. 
One question is, where will all this English wine go. The answer is that the big producers have been having to hold back on sales as they just haven’t had the stock and so this will allow them to grow both here and in particular, in North America which as a huge appetite for what we’re doing.  The futures bright and the future's fizzy!

Wine Tip of the month.
I think that I write this every year but, end of November/Early December is deal time. The supermarkets guess ( correctly) that if people buy wine early, they will drink it before Christmas and then buy more at full price just before the big day. They will be holding various buy 6 get 20% off deals and the trick is, to then link this with the loyalty points that they hand out this month on clubcards and the like which give additional discounts. If you time it right, you can buy under cost price.


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