A Winemaker’s best friend.

Here we are in December and the year has flown by! It must be something to do with getting older as it seems like only weeks ago that we were planning our vineyard work and wine making for the year. It’s a nice time for us, the wine is safely in tank and the vineyard is  completely dormant and so we have winter pruning to look forward to in the new year but for now, it’s a chance to sit on the sofa in front of the fire. We do have one vital task though , recruiting a new vineyard dog.

Our dog Fred arrived one week before we planted the vineyard. He was just a year old and we were already his fourth owners. It wasn’t his fault, he was just a regular energetic young Labrador but through circumstance he was shuffled around between people and was completely untrained. Like all great dogs, he quickly became part of the family regularly entertaining visitors and stealing our thunder during vineyard tours. Sadly we lost him after a short illness in the summer and so we’re on the lookout for a new canine friend.  The qualifications required are being a good listener, coping with my singing in the vineyard, GSOH, rabbit chasing desirable but not essential . We will be holding interviews soon and the package includes accommodation in a comfy dog bed in front of the fire, a wage of dog biscuits and the occasional ball throwing based entertainment. Background unimportant but he or she will have big paws to fill.


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