Non Alcoholics Anonymous

In England we are striving to acheive as much alcohol as possible from the grapes in our marginal climate and so it's ironic that I have just spent almost three years marketing lighter style wines which are dealcoholised down  as low as 5.5%. In places like California, South America and South Africa wines naturally come out at 15,16 or even 17% alcohol and in regular wines some of this is removed to make it palatable and this was just taking it to the next step.
When you ask people if they want less alcohol in wine they say no until you offer them something which tastes just like their usual brand and then, they start to think about how it would be good to have a glass at lunchtime and not fall asleep at their desk or maybe during a weekday evening when there's work looming in the morning.
And so, I think the time has come that I confess to myself and to my friends. Not all the time and I've got it under control but, - yes I am a non alcoholic. I do sometimes want to have the taste of beer but not the alcohol. I drink Becks Blue either on its own or mixed with regular beer to bring down the strength because I like the taste and I'm thirsty. I do it because I like it not because I have to and I'll accept the social stigma.


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