Aller Hill 2010 Vintage

8.00am October 2nd Aller Hill.

Times are very strange at Higher Plot Farm. For example, this Sunday we got up late, read the papers, went for a great walk in the countryside and then cooked a late Sunday lunch before consuming as much period drama and Antique roadshow as is possible for two people. It seems like an eternity ago that we were spending every waking moment and even a few sleeping moments, worrying about ripeness and disease in the vines, transport of grapes, would we have enough pickers and enough Lassagne to feed them with.
In the end - everybody that worked that day was brilliant if for no other reason but putting up with two overtired stressed out vineyard owners. Photos were taken by our friend Bernie Brough.

Beautifully Ripe Pinot Meunier.

Morning Frosts.

Obligatory Photo of ball obsessed Fred.

The result of all this labour  - 2500 or so litres of excellent quality white wine that is now taking a rest after first fermentation. Today, I'll be doing a final spray in the vineyard and begins all over again. Winter pruning starts from the end of next week.


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