What's the Point?

Aller Hill This Morning.

In the last three years, working the vineyard has sometimes seemed like an end in itself. It has a life of it's own full of numerous pleasures, miseries and anxieties. You work towards each step from planting to winter pruning or deleafing and feel some sort of achievement once it's done and move onto the next one.  Some vineyard owners are like competitive pushy parents -  the same old cuckoo like calls herald the coming of spring with extraordinary tales of how their Rondo is sprouting Triffid like into life or their Seyval has 15 kilos of grapes per vine and could speak three languages by the age of four .
The thing is, it's easy to forget the whole point - trying to make great wine that somebody just might  want to buy and enjoy.
Sneak Preview

Well, the time is rapidly coming when we are going to have to present the fruits of our labours (sorry couldn't help myself) to the wider world. The label is almost finished, one more trip to the winery to go work through  cold stabilisation, filtration  and bottling procedure and then that's it - Bottle Number One for Sale.
We are nervous but excited - the wine has been developing well but you really never know until it is finally in bottle and has had a couple of weeks to settle down.
Then - it will only be two more years until the sparkling is ready which is what we planted for. Still - that's two more years of obsessing about the vineyard to enjoy in between.


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